Business News Update

>> Friday, November 13, 2009

My Etsy shop has been open since November 4th. In nine days, I've sold eight items. Seven to online customers, one to a member of my knit group. I'd like to begin by saying thank you to all who have made purchases and offered encouragement to me as I embark on my fibery voyage.

I'm halfway into my second collection (I had to wait for more fiber to arrive before I could finish it), and thought you might like to see pics of what I've created. The first collection was the Proverbs Collection, the new one is the Poetry Collection.

Here they are:

They are, from left to right: "Loveliest of Trees" Punta; "Never to Have Loved" SW Merino; "Sailor Take Warning" BFL; "The Highwayman" Punta; "Counting Chickens" SW Merino; "Bird in Hand" BFL; and "Rose by Name" 75%SW merino, 25% nylon sock yarn. Not pictured is the local sale I made, "Still Waters" SW Merino. I will edit this post when I get home to add it.

As you can see, I've been having a lot of fun. I'm surprised by many things. 1) that my fibers are selling so quickly. I know that many of my customers are plurk and Rav buds, but still. I'm very humbled. 2) That my sock yarns aren't selling as well. Of all that I've dyed, my sock yarn is what I'm most proud of. They are priced reasonably as the skeins are 462 yards, but they aren't moving as fast as I'd like. I may have to reconsider price or photography choices if they don't start moving.
Speaking of unsold items, I thought I might list my unsold items here as well. If you see something you'd like to buy, head over to the shop and pick it up!


Open for Business!

>> Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Highland Handmades is open for business. Please stop by the shop then come back here to tell me what you think. I listed seven items last night, have two to list today, and maybe one more later this week. I began with The Proverbs Collection, a series of items inspired by common proverbs. Please note that I made TWO sales within minutes of opening shop last night. Thank you KarenB and Tempted for making me feel so loved!

I'm so happy today that nothing and no one can touch me. For the first time, I'm allowing myself to believe that someday, maybe, I will be able to have the yarn and fiber shop I so desperately want to own. Thank you, all of you, for your continued support and encouragement.


Owner, Highland Handmades


Building Inventory

>> Sunday, November 1, 2009

I've been hard at work knitting Christmas gifts, but I've been working even harder on getting inventory built up for my Etsy debut. Here's what I had done up to this morning:
As I sit here and type this, I have two more 4 oz bundles of fiber and two more skeins of yarn drying. As soon as they are dried and photographed, I will be ready to open shop. I hope to write up the descriptions Monday or Tuesday. I plan on creating collections with my shop - I will create ten to twelve colorways with a theme to the names and post them together. This first collection is called "The Proverb Collection." Each 4 oz bundle and skein of yarn is indicative of a proverb. I think it will help set me apart from the pack. Future collections include literature, the 1980s, favorite movies, locations and more. Stay tuned for detailed photos and descriptions, as I will post them here as well as on Etsy.

I can hardly wait - can you?


10kH is here for now. Hush.

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