Spinning Sunday

>> Sunday, December 21, 2008

Welcome to a quasi-regular feature here at Knit One, Spin Two - Spinning Sunday. This is where I share with you what I'm spinning, how I'm spinning it, and what I plan to knit with it once I'm done.

This week's spinning comes from a fabulous batt I got from loop fibers on Etsy. It was 3 oz, a blend of bamboo, alpaca, corriedale, and kid mohair, called "beauty berries." Aside from the bits of fluff I'd practiced on, it was my first spin. I only had my beginner's spindle (provided by lori) - a simple 1.75 oz. spindle with a 3/8in. shaft. Here's the batt before I spun it (after I pulled it into roving):

Being so new to spinning, I was still park-and drafting. I spun as thin as I could:

If I had been smart, I'd have left it as a single and knit from that. However, I'd heard about the Andean method of plying and wanted to try it. Here's what I ended up with:

It's about 80 yards of a heavy worsted/aran weight yarn.

Which is the problem.
Because while 160 yards of a dk weight yarn is enough to knit something pretty, 80 yards isn't all that much. I don't know what to make out of it - it isn't enough for mittens, I'm not sure if it's enough for a hat (my guess is no as I have a giant head) ... I'm kind of lost. Don't get me wrong - this yarn is GORGEOUS. But what to make out of it? That is *the* reason to spin, is it not? Help!


10kH is here for now. Hush.

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