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>> Monday, March 9, 2009

Yesterday I was bumming around the house, wondering what I should to (knit? spin? work on the giant chenille knot of Doom?) when I happened upon a friend's plurk. "Melonhead wants everyone to finish a UFO today." Well geez, I thought. I can do that - all I need is about fifteen minutes of work to finish the saartje's bootees I've been working on. I responded to Melon's plurk and got to work. It took a little bit longer than 15 minutes (I HATE weaving in ends!), but they are done. I give you boutrosbabe's saartje's bootees:

I felt great after I got them done. Now I just need to find a cute box to put them in and wait for Amanda's baby shower to gift them. It is so rare that I complete something ahead of schedule, I'm a bit surprised! Of course, yesterday while I was finishing these my friend finished no less than FIVE projects. She is ever so much more dedicated than I. Two of the things she finished, a cherry blossom scarf and a fiddlehead scarf are really beautiful. If you get a chance to look at her stuff, do it! She is truly amazing.

I hope to be receiving my 4 oz of CJKopec's "Inquiry" roving today. I've been stalking my mailbox for it. I hope to have it in my hot little hands this afternoon. I will post pics when I get them done. Until then I'm working on Deidre's plaited cable scarf in the hopes of finishing it soon - it was supposed to be done more than a month ago. Sorry Deedles!

What are you working on?


Yarn Tails Mar 12, 2009, 11:45:00 PM  

I just put Coby's Montana Moon on the wheel tonight. Didnt get very far cause I am still not all the way up to snuff yet. I might be able to get a bunch done this weekend. We will see.

Cant wait to see how you spin yours up.

10kH is here for now. Hush.

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